messy hurr

    anyone good with hair? gimme advice :)

    i have a paper due tonight at 11pm that i haven’t even started. why? because i’m stressing over my hair.
    i’m scared to bleach it…but this color is depressing me. :/

    last night i washed my hair twice with clarifying shampoo, but it didn’t really lift any of the color out.

    so should i do bleach shampoo? (shampoo with bleach and activator..supposedly less damaging)
    wash my hair repeatedly with vitamin C? (supposedly helps hair fade quick)
    or just bleach my hair? I have 20, 30, 40 activators, which one should i use?

    here’s what my hair currently looks like…

    i dyed it with a semi-permanent brown, but it came out reddish because i had semi-permanent pink underneath that was only partially faded, and underneath the pink is blonde.
    i just need it to get to a color that i can then color blue.

    no extensions and dyed my hair brown. i look so boring and average now. wahh.


    mostly conditioner with a bit of beyond the zone hair color in purple passion

    i got completely ready to go out tonight.
    but then decided i didn’t feel like consuming a million calories worth of alcohol…so i went grocery shopping dressed like this instead :p


    what up public restroom?